Nobody's laughing now (lavinialavender) wrote,
Nobody's laughing now

Signal boost: what you can do for whereupon

So, as I just posted to freac_camp:

I've created ilu_whereupon as a support comm for all those who want to do something for whereupon.  littlegirlvik initially asked for her Paypal account again, and I added that info to the entry I made last night, but I wanted to provide another way to show support.

I think only a few of you fellow SPN fans follow me here but not on FC, but all the same, I wanted to ask you all to please repost/signal boost my post there, to your own flists, any comms you might moderate, etc.  I can't access her flist since her journal's unavailable right now, but I know she was widely known and beloved, and everyone who cares about her ought to know that there's a way they can reach out.

Tags: fandom, love, whereupon

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