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Poll on the climaxes of each of the books

The poll I mentioned in my to-do list yesterday. Seemed like a good and interesting question...ooh, I think I'll actually make this post public and submit it to thedaily_snitch.

Poll #745146 The gripping factor in scenes at the end of each Harry Potter book

If you were reading each for the very first time, during which scene would it be the hardest to put the book down and do something else trivial, like going out with friends?

During the end of the first, when the trio are going down the trapdoor and everything that follows
During the second, when Harry and Ron have figured out the pipes and are going down the sink
During the third, with everything in the Shrieking Shack
During the fourth, with the graveyard scene
During the fifth, in the Ministry, but especially the Department of Mysteries
During the sixth, when Harry and Dumbledore are in the cave, but also everything that follows

Which would be the second-hardest?

The first
The second
The third
The fourth
The fifth
The sixth
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