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01 January 2007 @ 02:24 am
First entry of 2007: icons!  
First 2007 entry! Now there will be four years from which to click in my journal archive...

And I am not starting off the year by living up to my resolution of not being lame.

Well, here is this entry anyway. Concerning icons. I have just spent about ten minutes trying to find this page, even though I'm not sure if I were to copy/paste the link now, it would come out as I want it too (with the tags sorted in order from most used to least used).

...Oh, hint for myself: maybe if you look at the Edit Galleries page first, and sort those by Images, and then switch it over to Edit Tag Galleries...I think that should work every time!

Okay, anyway, to the point of the entry for which I have spent so much time trying to find that page in that exact set-up.

I'm still an icon collector likewhoa, you know, though I no longer mention when I update my icon galleries and such (I usually do it about every weekend now, so there's not too much build-up) . I've divided my big random gallery into many more sub-galleries, which helps a bit with keeping it less cluttered and easy to find certain ones. I also did some re-organizing of my main random gallery, putting my dramatic/pretentious icons better together, as well as my culture icons. (I do have an elaborate system for how I organize my icons in nearly every folder, and the ones that don't have a clear system distress me, such as my black-and-white gallery - it seems hopelessly jumbled.) And I demoted some icons off the (very prestigious, as it holds basically my top favorite icons ever) first page (technically, I suppose, the first two pages), and raised some new ones to it.

...Just for an example now, and to amuse myself, I'll list the order of my icon groups in my main random gallery, by the little names I call them in my head - within the groups, I organize them by how the color or theme of the icons flow with the ones around it: favorites (within it, skin, body, and clothes), bridal, lingerie/nudity, blondes, redheads, brunettes, expressions/semi-dramatic, color (in clothes), males, murder, expressions/dramatic, activities-outdoors, style/make-up, artistic sports, interesting clothes (including corsets), culture, dramatic clothes, period clothes, outdoors dramatic, shows (random settings), hands and feet, children/school, books/writing, common actions, random, signs.

Annnnyway. I still just follow a few key communities that specialize in the icons I like (simplelimit , minimal_icons , obsessiveicons ) rather than befriending all my favorite icon-makers, as they all post in those communities anyway whenever they make the icons I like. There are a few exceptions, of course - justthreemiles , blancwene , restless_olivia  (the latter two because of special requests, and the first just because she was my first favorite icon-maker and still is untouchable in some aspects - my default icon right now is one of hers).  And just yesterday I made another exception, for raevnn and her community non_essentials, because she is quite clearly completely exceptional as well. 

I was commenting to her to tell her how awesome she really is and then mentioning some of my other favorite icon-makers, when I thought I'd like to make a post listing my favorites.  The whole record-thing again, you know, I want to know who I value now.  Maybe later I'll make another list, when I think it's significantly changed.

So now I finally have that page which lists all my tags in order of most used to least, and I can tell which makers (since I always tag by the icon-maker's username) I especially favor.

  1. enriana, of obsessiveicons, wins hands-down for most icons saved (106).  There's really quite a variety.  Anyway, she's just the queen of finding the most beautiful, amazing bases, and presenting them all so nice and simple.
    [Little tidbit: the next most-used tag, right beneath enriana, is Integra with 102.   Bwahaha.]
  2. justthreemiles is appropriately next with 42.  ...Only reason there's so few is that she does not post very regularly.  Sigh.
  3. fooish_icons has 32 - hee.  She's an expert at providing beautiful clear and colorful icons of everyday, simple (and usually outdoor) activities.  That's how I always think of her, anyway.
  4. eleka_nahmen (one of the best screennames ever) has 27, and is a fantastic maker of Hogwarts house icons.  Her style is using quotes from some production - a musical or movie or play - and attributing them to the different houses.  Then people started copying her to do the same thing with other productions, and so recently she's changed her simple style to something more complex (and prettier), but is still doing the same thing.
  5. sunlitdays is next with 24.  I consider her relatively new, but with great promise (hee, the Dracula-bat icon, and the violin-waiter, and the ones from artwork, and the books, and the most recent children-ones...).
  6. The next is obsessiveicons wtih 21, though obviously those should either be enriana or one of the other makers of that community.  They were just saved and tagged before I began differentiating between the makers of the community.
  7. eloquentice has 16, but that is only because she, like justthreemiles, does not post enough.  Honestly, I consider her very close to justthreemiles in awesomeness, too.  Really, look at those icons - the quality is so high and the themes so similar throughout - oh the last...four icons....
  8. 427 (20) - interesting maker.  Makes really nice and fairly unique house and animal icons - the first two on the third row are pretty high favorites - and I will always love her two slash icons there.
  9. popehippo, also with 16, is like sunlitdays in that she (yes, I assume they're all girls) is relatively new but also holds great promise.  Considering how, y'know, two of hers (the kitten-and-girl and last on the same row) are already first-page favorites, and the last one (with the hand and strings) made Falia about die of artistic joy.  And yes, great culture icons, as well as the fantastic expression-action one on the end of the second row....
  10. aimala1 (14) is another newbie-with-promise.  Her style is a little more cluttered and altered than I usually like, but she can do it well.
  11. feathered (14) is another of obsessiveicons, and clearly belongs there.  She made an awesome set of icons with extremely rare words (the second and sixth), and I cannot tell you how much I love the last on the second row.  And the middle of that row.  And the second on the last row.  And the very last is so cool too.
  12. jackshoegazer (14)!  Now this is a unique icon-maker.  First off, it's actually a guy which might explain it.  He posts fairly large icon sets of very unique icons - a lot made from vintage pictures, quite a few graphic...but there's often some really rare and interesting stuff, as you see.  [Random tidibit: whenever I save from him, I comment, "Thank you, Mr. Shoegazer."  He kind of inspires that sort of thing, by his icons.]
  13. copperbadge (13).  It's Sam.  Need I say more? 
  14. featherduster (12) - oh, God, someone else who needs to post more.  Two of her icons (the friends and black bra ones) I've long had uploaded and don't have any intention of deleting soon.  Or ever.  And her traveling one is so sophisticated, too.

    [skipping the next in the list, xcited4apathy, because she's so recent I can't tell if those I like are just flukes or what; but she has a cool username]
  15. forgotnsuitcase (11)!   She made my most wonderful, almost-default swing icon, and she has the awesome rickshaw and knee-in-a-field, and oh the expressions in the last two, and that message-on-a-board is one of my favorite quotes now. (Plus, she's randomneses' friend, which makes the latter even cooler than she already was.)
  16. __printemps__ (11) - I'm really starting to value her.  She has great color.  And look, she provided an awesome The Other Boleyn Girl icon.

    [skipping kynosoura now because I don't think she's completely proved herself either]
  17. valo_queen (10) is notable for how she makes such nice celebrity icons.  That Liz Tyler one is unbelievable.
  18. odette_river (10) is also a very intriguing maker.  For one, she's cool because she makes Animorphs and Artemis Fowl icons, and then she also does other seemingly random quote icons or ones with odd messages.  But I like them.
  19. brokenroad__ (9) doesn't post enough - her work is beautiful.
  20. ladytalon (9), of obsessiveicons, has quite good text icons.

    [skipping _hushed_art (9) for some reason now, though she's done quite well in the past)
  21. alonelovex (8) - I would never have thought of the name as a favorite, but looking at her icons, I think she has a beautiful sense of light.

    And now I'm just going to list names that I think deserve honorable mention, at least...for some reason, though there's not very many: never_frugal, deutscheami (another great name), juno_icons, mercury_phoenix, floating_icons, [info]eponwyn, [info]theoldvicarage, phlourish_icons, virginia_bell, jiatra (of obsessiveicons), sybellefivehourjetlag, crymeariver_, [info]lacecravat, ucatastrophe, mllereddeath (fantastic name, took me ages to figure out), maesstria (four icons but they're practically all first-page), narcisistic, selluinlaer, .  petrichorus actually deserves mention because of a single icon post she made including these.  Seriously.

    On a more specific note, fantastic to decent Hellsing icon-makers include: hysteriagalore, marithegreat, thoughtless_16, everbliss, to_you_in_grey, _desert_rain, and odangoatama.

...WOW that got extensive.  *dies*  I think I'll make this post public now, as it would be such a great resource, if anyone cared or happened to share my taste.

Now that's the list of my most-saved-from icon-makers, from most often to least.  However, let me also list briefly whom I consider my well-established favorites: justthreemiles, eloquentice, featherduster, enriana. ...And that's actually all.

Hem.  Well, on a last note - icons really have given me an appreciation for photography (and Photoshop) which I had never had before.  It's been a really fun hobby.  I'm slightly afraid of how big my saved-and-uploaded collection has gotten, though, and how I will eventually run out of room...if I have to, I'll move all my other pictures to Photoshop accounts and then possibly go through all of them and delete old ones which no longer meet my standards.  But that's still a long way off.  I hope.

ETA:  Forgot to include enriana among my well-established favorites, with the three others.  *facepalm*
Nobody said it was easycopperbadge on January 1st, 2007 02:17 pm (UTC)
I'm honoured to be a member of the collection! :) (I "google blogsearch" myself every so often to stay on top of what people are saying about me *winks*).

Happy New Year!
Nobody's laughing now: R - college classeslavinialavender on January 1st, 2007 08:49 pm (UTC)
Oh, hi! Well, I didn't expect you to see this, but I'm glad you did anyway. Yes, I do like your icons...I use this one pretty often for college, heh.

Happy New Year!
Elizabeth: superiormortal_maiden on January 1st, 2007 08:40 pm (UTC)
...Whoah, Lavinia - you got a comment from Sam. ::stares::
Nobody's laughing now: HP - Peter-pufflavinialavender on January 1st, 2007 08:52 pm (UTC)
AHAHAHA I KNOW. *is trying to act calm*
Ashley!  It's Unisex!: HBP quotes - Just Shove A Bezoar Down Thrandomneses on January 2nd, 2007 07:36 am (UTC)
You're very intense about icon organization XP

Oh, and thanks for the recs. brokenroad__ had a sister celebrity icon community but I think they have a new user name. Do you happen to know what it is?
Nobody's laughing now: HP - Slytherin not going to dielavinialavender on January 2nd, 2007 07:46 am (UTC)
Lol, yes. I love my hobby.

Ooh, I'm glad you found this valuable, somehow. ...Er, no, I'm afraid I don't know; as I said, I only keep up with the few communities in which all my favorites use. I'd suggest going to ask brokenroad__.
Miss Blissy: Disney: Mulan - Great Stone Dragoneverbliss on April 12th, 2007 03:32 am (UTC)
Um, hi, I don't know if you remember me *waves meekly*
I was ljseeking myself (because I'm a dork, unfortunately ;-;) and found this post in the search results and omg I see my name up there *dances*

That was all. Sorry to bother you! :)
Nobody's laughing now: HS - Integra young lovelavinialavender on April 12th, 2007 04:38 am (UTC)
Of course I remember you! Ha, we had a really nice comment-exchange recently.

...Ooh, elljayseeking myself, I ought to try that.

And heh, how ironic! Just tonight I uploaded another icon of yours, this one. :P (I love it very, very much.)

Don't worry, you didn't bother me, I'm glad to know my favorite icon-makers know they're appreciated.
opioid naïve patientnepheliad on July 7th, 2007 03:07 am (UTC)
Somehow I found this just today, and I'm completely and totally flattered to be included in this group amongst people whose work I pretty much idolize.
Nobody's laughing now: R - redhead smilelavinialavender on July 8th, 2007 06:07 am (UTC)
Heh, I'm glad you found it and are flattered! But though it's slightly embarrassing, I have to ask - which one are you? I'm afraid I only know you by your icon name....
mayhsgirl93mayhsgirl93 on September 29th, 2010 10:35 pm (UTC)
Hi! I was just over at the OhSam forum here on LJ and found on of your supernatural stories, Home Remedies. It was soo amazing!

Do you have any more from SPN? I can't seem to find your master fic list, or else I'd look myself.
Nobody's laughing now: SPN - soulmates bitcheslavinialavender on September 30th, 2010 12:34 am (UTC)
Re: Hi!
Hi! Glad you liked my fic. This is actually my personal journal here - all the fic is over at _lavinia_, and I really need to get on making a masterlist. *facepalm* But all my SPN fic is tagged and should be on the first page, anyway.