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24 June 2012 @ 05:22 pm
you know everybody needs someone  
So, this is going to appear in copperbadge's Radio Free Monday post tomorrow, and I wanted to go ahead and signal-boost it now with my flist.

whereupon has offered a succinct and utterly factual explanation of what's going on (and I don't know how she did it, seeing how she's barely been able to get out of bed this weekend due to overwhelming nausea/disorientation/pain, and she was combating double vision even as she typed it), with requests for any kind of assistance people are able to offer: whether employment opportunities, doctor/medical recommendations, or financial.

So much is out of our control -- we'll hopefully find out tomorrow whether a pain clinic that we've been struggling with all last week, including arranging to have records submitted to them twice over after they cancelled the appointment they originally scheduled with her, will even accept her as a patient and schedule a first appointment -- but getting some help now will at least give us more options, rather than resorting to the very last one of her returning long-term to Alaska.

Fuck, I want her to still be here in a week's time.
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